On a recent Sunday night ACIM study group call (you access the entire library of recordings here), we had a powerful reading and conversation surrounding coronavirus.

We read a section in A Course in Miracles about “blown up children’s toys.” This was part of our regularly scheduled reading, and yet it is directly relevant to the fear that many of us may be feeling surrounding coronavirus. I love seeing the Divine orchestration with this reading showing up exactly as we need it. Perfect timing.

According to A Course in Miracles, an “idol” is anything we think can save us outside of God. An idol is also anything we think can kill us. Although we must be where we are in our growth and learning (and take the medicine if we believe we need it), we must learn to allow belief in ALL idols to be undone.

Tune into this powerful conversation about A Course in Miracles and coronavirus. It was helpful to me, and I hope it is helpful to you too!

Here are the page references for all editions of ACIM:

  • Circle of Atonement edition: Page 883, “The Toys of Fear”
  • Foundation for Inner Peace edition: Chapter 30, Part IV, “The Truth Behind Illusions”
  • Sparkle Edition: Page 690, “The Truth Behind Illusions”
  • Original Edition by Course in Miracles Society: Chapter 30, Part V, “The Truth Behind Illusions”


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Tune into the call here:


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