Let’s be honest….
You’re busy!!

You’ve heard that meditation is great for reducing stress and you know that it is a healthy thing to do!  But you wake up, are on the GO all day, and before you know it, it is 10pm and you’re exhausted.  So another day goes by without setting aside quiet time for yourself. “Maybe tomorrow,” you think to yourself.

The “Take 5 Mindfulness Meditation Series” was developed for BUSY people who know that meditation is a healthy practice, but who also feel that they just don’t have time to meditate.  Well, guess what….

You DO have time to meditate!!

The “Take 5” series makes it EASY.

5 minutes is all it takes to bring more mindfulness into your life,
and the BENEFITS of mindfulness practices are INCREDIBLE.

Listen to a sample below.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re constantly anticipating what comes next?
  • Maybe you’re caught in a cycle of thinking about the past?
  • If you have a quiet moment, do you usually fill it by doing something, like checking your phone?
  • Do you feel like you always have to keep busy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Most of us spend our time anywhere besides in the present moment. The present moment just slips by, and we wonder where the time goes. Mindfulness is a POWERFUL yet SIMPLE practice that helps us reconnect with our life AS it is happening. This is enormously fulfilling, and often helps us feel as present as we do when we’re on vacation. There is lots of pleasure in being HERE now. And the health benefits are proven! Mindfulness meditation is now considered a mainstream practice, and there have been over 1000 peer-reviewed research studies on it!

Mindfulness practice has been scientifically shown to:

  • Decrease stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase quality of life
  • Speed healing and give the immune system a boost
  • Promote positive changes in the brain
  • And it often makes you FEEL GOOD!

“I was amazed at the impact that doing only 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation had on my day.
I continue to use this CD as my touchstone – I love it!” – Robin B. – NJ

The “Take 5 Mindfulness Meditation Series” is a great way to strengthen your practice!

The Take 5 Series CD comes in an eco-friendly wallet

  • Are you someone who already has experience in mindfulness?
  • Maybe you’ve taken some classes, and occasionally meditate on your own?
  • Maybe you’re in the helping professions, or supervise a busy, stressed out staff?

The “Take 5 Mindfulness Meditation Series” is for you!

Picture this…

At the start of your workday, your group, or staff meeting, you take 5 minutes together to practice breathing, connecting with your body, mindfully listening, watching the mind, or visualizing a day filled with mindfulness.  You start business as usual, but something is a bit different…

You’re calmer.  Your staff is calmer.  You and your staff feel wakeful, alert, and ready.

Just by taking 5 minutes at the start of your group, shifts can happen! The “Take 5 series” is already being used by professionals at the start and end of staff meetings and group work.

“These simple meditations help people calm and center at the start of group, or to transition out of group.
With this CD, the participants can have a glimpse of how useful meditation can be in so many ways.”
– Kira, psychotherapist in North Carolina

Why wait to bring more mindfulness into your life?

5 minutes is all it takes.

You DO have time to meditate!

The “Take 5” CD is comprised of five 5-minute meditations, including mindfulness of breathing, the body, sound, thoughts, and a visualization for a day filled with mindfulness. You’ll learn all about mindfulness meditation in the introduction track.


Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., M.A. is a keynote speaker, spiritual life coach, & student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles.” She teaches mindfulness meditation classes to undergraduates and graduates at The College of New Jersey and her local community.  She began her spiritual and meditation practice after struggling with a debilitating anxiety disorder, and achieved fantastic results.  She’s an all around happy learner.  CLICK HERE to purchase and to read more about the CD on CDBaby.com! Find out more about Corinne’s work with “A Course in Miracles” at https://fromanxietytolove.com, and with mindfulness at: http://www.jerseyshoremindfulness.com

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