How to Subscribe and Leave an iTunes Review


STEP 1 -Visit the show in the "Podcast" app on your iphone
STEP 2 & 3 Click "Subscribe" then "Reviews"
STEP 4 - Click "Write a Review"

(Or launch and listen to the show on iTunes HERE.)

When in the podcast app, click on  "Search" and type in "From Anxiety To Love" or "Corinne Zupko." Click on the show.

Note: If you're in "My Podcasts" you won't see the "review" tab as an option. You'll have to search as indicated above. 

Step 2-3

Step 4


STEP 1 -Visit the show in iTunes
STEP 2 & 3 Click "Subscribe" then "Ratings & Reviews"
STEP 4 - Click "Write a Review"
Listen to the show by clicking HERE and then:

Click "View in iTunes" and then

"Open in iTunes"

Step 2-3 computer

Step 4 computer

How to Claim Your Gifts

Copy the first 5 words of your iTunes review and note your username. Click this link and input your information. That's all!

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