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In light of all that is unfolding in the world right now with race, the pandemic, politics and the environment, it is a daily balancing act to be “in the world but not of it.” These conditions alert us to the fact that there is a call for love summoning the higher wisdom within each of us.

As students of A Course in Miracles, we must decide, with the help of the Holy Spirit, how we are to answer love’s call in the midst of so much unprecedented upheaval and transformation. 


Within the Course community itself, this means questions are arising about the ways in which we relate to the topics of race and racism. 


These questions include:

  • As Course students, what are we being asked to do about race and racism?
  • Why are there so few black and brown members of the Course community? 
  • Why are topics of race rarely discussed or easily dismissed in the Course community?
  • How do we hold the non-dual teachings of the Course and simultaneously respond to our sisters and brothers in ways that demonstrate we see them?

As teachers of A Course in Miracles, we started asking ourselves these questions. Soon we came together and a series of conversations began. We very quickly realized these conversations not only needed to be shared, but the dialog needed to include all students on this path.


Healing is a collaborative venture.

Accordingly, we invite you to join us in applying the teachings of A Course in Miracles to issues of race and racism in a free ten-part series called:



Conversations on A Course in Miracles, Racism and the Unified Mind. 


These discussions are designed to be an open and honest dialogue about how we can use the teachings of the Course, not to withdraw from our brothers and sisters, but to join and heal, thereby calling forth a happy dream for everyone, without exception.  

A Course in Miracles says: 

You now share my inability to tolerate lack of love in yourself and in everyone else, and must join the Great Crusade to correct it. The slogan for this Crusade is “Listen, learn, and do.” This means: Listen to my voice, learn to undo the error, and do something to correct it. The first two are not enough. The real members of my party are active workers. (ACIM-CE T-1.26.6:4-9)


So let’s get to work.


Our hope is that you will walk away from these sessions with greater insight, healing, and the ability to have conversations on the topic of race that bring us together rather than separate us. 


These discussions are completely free and open to all so come with your questions and feedback. We want to hear from you! 


Love Lens Schedule* 

Session 1 — Answering the call: Can’t sit this out.

Session 2 — Unpacking the shadow side: Examining the dismissal of race within the Course community

Session 3 — Slavery and racism: The ultimate forms of separation 

Session 4 — Intention is not enough: Why statements like "I don't see color!” are problematic

Session 5 — Looking at our hidden hate: The root of inequality within

Session 6 — Race-Informed Forgiveness

Session 7 — Transparency: The Eighth Love Lens Pillar

Session 8 — Coming soon. Say her name: Celebrating Idabel

Session 9 — Coming soon. Miracle worker as ally

Session 10 — Coming soon. TBA






Yolanda Batts is Co-Founder/Co-Pastor of Celebration Spiritual Center (CSC) in Brooklyn, New York. CSC is an award-winning independent spiritual center teaching practical spirituality and bringing a fresh perspective to the New Thought movement. Pastor Yolanda, affectionately known as PY, has been a teacher, student and practitioner of A Course In Miracles for 22+ years. She effortlessly merges her skills as a pastor, music psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and yoga and meditation teacher to create customized viable solutions to release fear and allow Love to rule. A Course In Miracles has not only transformed her life but the students in her popular 50 Days to Fearless Living course and coaching program. Moreover, as a spiritual activist she applies these principles to social justice issues and believes in the power of Love to heal and transform the hearts and minds of individuals, communities and the world. 
For more information about CSC, 50 Days to Fearless Living and her upcoming course The Miracle Mindset contact her at www.celebrationsc.org or via email at pastoryolanda@celebrationsc.org.

Emily Bennington (contributor for Episodes 1-7)

Emily Bennington (contributor for Episodes 1-7)

Emily is executive director of the Circle of Atonement where she is responsible for all aspects of advancing the mission. Her dedication to A Course in Miracles comes from the extraordinary changes in her own life as a result of applying its teachings. Prior to joining the Circle, Emily led training programs on spiritual intelligence and mindful leadership for numerous Fortune 500 companies. She is also the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence, which features a foreword by her friend Marianne Williamson.

Freedom Cartwright

Freedom Cartwright

Freedom Cartwright is a Black American, an A Course in Miracles practitioner and Healer. Through her in-person and online virtual tours to the Cradle of the Confederacy in Montgomery, Alabama, she allows the voices of the silenced and suppressed to be heard, received and celebrated. For more information about her tours go to: www.freedomrailtours.com

~The world is born again each time you rest and hourly remember that you came to bring the peace of God into the world~ A Course in Miracles

Corinne Zupko

Corinne Zupko

Corinne Zupko, EdS, MA, LPC, is the author of the bestselling and award-winning book, From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace (New World Library, 2018). She began her work with A Course in Miracles after struggling with multiple anxiety disorders, and now lives free from debilitating anxiety. Corinne is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, licensed counselor, and Board Certified Coach. Grab her free Crash Course in Undoing Anxiety with A Course in Miracles here.

We hope you will join us!

As a Course community, we have the opportunity to examine ourselves and heal together.

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