“Happiness is a skill” – Dr. Richard Davidson

Recently I had the honor of speaking at the “Nurturing the Nurse” conference at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. This was a meaningful opportunity for me because as you’ll hear in my talk, nurses have had a profound impact on reducing my anxiety levels when I suffered from extreme anxiety in the past. I touch upon a miraculous experience with a nurse in this talk, and cannot wait to reveal the full the story in my forthcoming book, From Anxiety to Love (New World Library, 2017).

Whether we work in the field of nursing or not, mindfulness, the practice of being in the present moment, can reduce our stress levels, enhance our health, and even increase our levels of HAPPINESS! In this excerpt from my hour-long presentation, you will learn what mindfulness is, how it links to happiness, and we will practice a mindful breathing meditation.

Enjoy this talk, and ask me anything in the comments below!

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