When fear strikes, what happens to your posture? Typically, we shrink from fear and protect ourselves as our posture slumps. But today’s guest instinctively tried something different, which resulted in many miracles.


I’m thrilled to welcome Natasha Black to the show. Natasha is a transformational coach, a mom, and a very dedicated student of A Course in Miracles. She truly lives its principles.


In this episode, you’ll learn about Natasha’s healing experiences. These involved facing fear with Spirit, clearing out that fear, receiving abundance as a result, and realizing that as a result of all of her work, what previously angered her completely lost its charge. She could allow love and laughter to enter where there had previously been anger and frustration.


What I love about this episode is that we’ll clearly see how much work Natasha has been putting into her spiritual studies, and how this has created amazing results in her life. We can certainly experience spontaneous spiritual experiences, but I think the majority of us make progress one step at a time, like Natasha (and me too!).


I hope this episode inspires you to continue to do the work to remove blocks to love in your mind. Ultimately we’ll come to the recognition that the miracles were always there, and we don’t need to exert any effort at all to heal, because love is who we are.


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I am so inspired by Natasha’s story and am also touched by how much she has been working the exercises in my book! Her dedication to working the principles of A Course in Miracles has created some incredible miracles in her life. Here are my takeaways from this episode:


  1. Straighten up your posture. I love how Natasha described this in her beautiful British accent: “Shoulders back, boobies out!” Be OPEN in your posture instead of contracted as you are willing to face your fears with Spirit.
  2. Be vulnerable with Spirit. When sitting with difficult feelings an open posture can bring about a feeling of vulnerability, but remember, the ego doesn’t want you to be vulnerable with Spirit. It wants you to shy away from your fears. Instead, being vulnerable and fully transparent with Spirit about your fears and anxieties is how we heal.
  3. Remember that healing is at the level of the mind. Natasha’s example of her pain going away is a wonderful example of how the body responds to what the mind is choosing. It’s SO important to not judge pain returning though. This happened to my mom with her migraines going away for a longer period of time than they ever had before, although they did return later. The ego will want to say, “Hey it didn’t work!” but that is not true. Once healing has been received it is kept, and it is our job to continue to bring our mind to the Truth, despite ongoing pain or external appearances.
  4. “I know that I am looked after and supported when I allow myself to trust and be in faith.” Natasha’s experience of looking at her fears with Spirit paved the way for many experiences during her vacation where she was receiving love, receiving love, receiving love. Her new wardrobe was just one of many such experiences. Before our recording started she said that she saw her many experiences of “receiving” as proof that “I am looked after and supported when I allow myself to trust and be in faith.” I hope you will use this as a helpful affirmation.

Natasha’s learning was so helpful and inspiring to me, and I hope it was to you too. Thank you so much for tuning in!



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