As part of my monthly “Great Book Giveaway,” I was thrilled to giveaway a bundle of children’s books related to A Course in Miracles. As part of this event, I joined with Fiona Williams, author of My Mind Book for an informative webinar on teaching the “laws of mind” (as presented in the Course) to children.

During this webinar, John Beavin, the author of one of the featured books, The Parable of the Stars, wrote in the chat:

Many are aware that Ken Wapnick often said that ACIM is not for kids. Having spent many weeks with him, when I sent my Parable manuscript to him asking his thoughts on offering it for children, he wrote back “Don’t pay any attention to that Wapnick guy.”

Then he explained that the content which Fiona and my message conveys is perfect for children–no level confusion in the material.

I loved this and I agree. Children have less “unlearning” to do than adults, and they can be taught to use their minds for their greatest happiness.

The three featured books in this webinar are:

If you purchase any of them, please leave them a review on Amazon. And I hope you love this training. Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Visit Fiona Williams’ website. 


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