Do you ever stop and wonder, “WHAT am I doing with my life!?” “What is this all FOR?” Maybe this shows up like a quarter- or mid-life crisis and leaves you feeling quite unsettled and that you need to find a new identity or a new role in life.

I wrestled with these questions in the past and tried on many different “identities” in this world. I’ve been a movie director (ahem, at the age of 13, but I was a damn good home movie maker! Think stop motion legos and pre-teen soap operas), a full-time counselor in a college counseling center, a college professor, a meditation teacher, a spiritual coach, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and more… and ultimately, NONE of these identities can make me happy forever because they are all identities that can change. And whatever changes is of the ego.

A normal response to feeling unsettled is to search for “another identity” or another “self” (with a lowercase “s”) that can make you happy (e.g. “I need to have a different relationship, or be a spiritual teacher and THEN I will be happy!”). Ultimately ALL identities can be let go of to open up to the glowing LOVE that you are… which is your capital “S” Self! In that identity of Oneness, and only there, you will find what we’re looking for. By coming to know this “Self,” love flows of it’s own through all your other “self” identities.

Enjoy this video, and if this resonates with you, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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