Undoing Anxiety Day 3 with Corinne Zupko and Amy Torres

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Was this class amazing or what?! Amy Torres knocked my socks off! She covered so many GEMS that I hardly know where to start...


Here are just a few of my favorite "takeaways" from the webinar:

  • Lesson 41: God goes with me wherever I go.
  • Anxiety is an inevitable consequence of choosing separation (BOOM!)
  • The problem is not your anxiety  - the problem is your belief in separation (BOOM!)
  • "Name it, to claim it, to tame it"
  • Exploring hidden benefits to anxiety.


Homework FUN!


Delicious RESOURCES:


Recommended READING in ACIM (Foundation for Inner Peace edition references):

  • T-4 The Illusions of the Ego; T-11.V. The “Dynamics” of the Ego; T-12.V, VII & VIII; T-19.IV: The Obstacles to Peace; T-21.IV: The Fear to Look Within; T-28 The Undoing of Fear.

Holding you in LIGHT and LOVE,
Corinne xo

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