Undoing Anxiety Day 2 with Corinne Zupko and Jodi Aman

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Welcome to Day 2 of our webinar series on "Undoing Anxiety with ACIM." It was so fun having so many of you live on the webinar!

Here are a few of my favorite GEMS from the webinar (there are so many more):

  • The "seeing through Spirit's eyes" meditation led by Jodi
  • You don't have to figure out your anxiety
  • "Name it to tame it"
  • Learning about near-death experience stories helped us overcome fear of death.


RESOURCES we mentioned:


And now... A POWERFUL exercise for homework!
This exercise has had a profound impact on my ability to receive miracles and undo fear on many levels. It involves looking at our hidden fears and asking Spirit for the miracle (the shift in perception) instead. Go ahead and experiment with it if you'd like, and let me know what you think of it next week on the webinar or in our Facebook group! This exercise was inspired by the work of Nouk Sanchez. Visit EndOfDeath.com to learn more about her book. DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKSHEET HERE!


Amy Torres will be joining me in the next class! So excited!

Sending so much Love and Light,
Corinne xo


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