When my great grandparents came over to the United States of America, they became “American.” Much of my maternal Polish and paternal Italian cultures were forgotten. As a child, my mom was forbidden from learning Polish. The only things that survived from each culture were our love of pierogies and good pasta.

This past spring, while reading a book about the Black Madonna, I learned that in Southern Italy, the Black Madonna is still worshipped today in the same way as She had been in the Middle Ages. Two specific locations, Naples and Sicily were named, and I was flooded with the realization that my ancestors lived in these places for “a very long time” (according to my dad). They likely knew and were devoted to the Black Madonna.

The moment I read this, it felt like a wave crashed over my entire body. I suddenly felt myself transported into a state in which I was being introduced, Heart to Heart, to my Divine Mother.

The spiritual and unexplainable experiences I had been having for about the past two years suddenly made (a little more) sense. I now knew Who was behind them.

Who is the Black Madonna? I’m still learning. One of my teachers, Rev. Celeste Frazier, taught me that the Black Madonna cannot be limited to one identity and She has many expressions throughout time and space. She is the Divine Feminine. She is Mother Earth. She is Mother Mary. She is Mary Magdalene. And she is much, much more.

Why doesn’t she appear in A Course in Miracles? I don’t know. But I do know that she’s the real deal. She’s as real as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In my experience, she is the container in which this entire dream is unfolding.

Although I spoke a bit about my journey with the Black Madonna on my ACIM Study Group calls, the first time I publicly talk about my experiences is in an interview, posted below.

So much has unfolded since the recording of this video, which I will share over time.

Why am I sharing this with you? First, the guidance is finally here that it is time to share. Second, coming to know my Divine Mother has taken me into a new layer of healing fear and guilt. My summer was a “period of unsettling,” and yet it was no accident that She showed up to carry me through.

If you’re not already in relationship with the Divine Mother, I hope this interview inspires you to develop that relationship. She’s here for all of us as we enter a new phase in our journey.

Enjoy my Miracles Tribe interview, hosted by Carlie Hardy and Theresa McGallicher. Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know what you think!



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