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Today on From Anxiety To Love Radio I’m thrilled to welcome Amy Torres. We dive into the topic of dealing with overwhelm from a spiritual yet practical standpoint.


Grab your “Fear Busting Miracle Mantras,”
a meditation, and a talk on angels and fearless flying,
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Amy Torres is a well-loved spiritual teacher, and a student of ACIM since 1997. She is author of the book “Sweet Dreams of Awakening,” and worked for many years as a Gestalt psychotherapist. In addition through, her work as a yoga instructor she’s uniquely qualified to take an experiential approach to A Course in Miracles.  This means she can help you experience the Course, actually feeling the results of its practices in your breath, heart, muscles, cells — throughout your entire body.


Amy’s Takeaway:

  • Let Spirit use overwhelm for Love’s/God’s purpose by EXHALING and on the natural inhale that follows say, “God is in charge, not me. I am willing to be overwhelmed by the peace of God instead of my busy life.” Repeat as  needed throughout the day.

Corinne’s Takeaways:

  • Peace is in the space between thoughts. I love how Amy re-defined overwhelm as when thoughts come so rapidly that it seems like there is no space between them.
  • Practice meditation in a form that works for you. You may feel like you don’t have time but I assure you it can be as simple as pausing to take ONE breath. Taking time to go inward will help you connect with the part of the mind that is unmoved despite seeming external circumstances. This is our Inner Light or Inner Smile, as Amy calls it.
  • Carve out even a small amount of time for “priority work” every day. And if everything seems like a priority, pick the ONE priority that matters… giving everything to Spirit.


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