As I’ve been “living on the edge” of A Course in Miracles, I’ve been brought to explore areas of the Course that are not fully explained. One such area is the SOUL.

When Jon Mundy reached out to invite me on his podcast, “Sunday with Mundy,” we got to chatting about the soul. He got excited and I got excited and we thought this would be a perfect topic to discuss live.

In this episode of “Sunday with Mundy” I share an overview of the three phases of my journey and then we dive into the topic of the SOUL in A Course in Miracles.

Spoiler alert:

You have a soul.

It’s a real part of you.

You can come to intimately know your Soul, while seemingly in this body.

Developing this relationship with your soul is an anxiety buster. It’s also a fear-of-death buster. I’m thrilled to share the replay of our conversation with you:


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