Today on From Anxiety To Love Radio we’re diving into LOVE with Frances Xu. Our life purpose is to turn towards love and follow our inspiration, and in this space, anxiety cannot exist. Tune into Frances’ powerful story about leaving her job, selling her houses and leaving her marriage to find her life purpose and release fear and anxiety.

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About Frances Xu:

Frances Xu has devoted her life to the practical application of the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). She has followed a deep calling, leaving behind worldly temptations and lives a life of divine providence, guided by the Holy Spirit. This way of life is a practice of letting go of the “I know” mind, and releasing the illusion of personal will and preferences. Her trust, honesty, and steadfast application of Course principles led her to a swift, and gentle undoing.

Frances frequently travels around the world sharing wisdom from an experience beyond all worldly concepts. Her gentle presence supports the mind to open and allow deeply buried blocks to come into awareness. She offers practical steps that lead to lasting peace, and true freedom of mind. The message of Truth pours through her, offering clarity and insight into the mind’s inner workings.
Frances’ Takeaway:

  • Every decision is a chance for you to remember to ask Spirit, and to therefore come back to love. This is very practical for our every day life. Asking is the most important step at the beginning so remember to ASK in the decision making process.

Corinne’s Takeaways:

  1. “Every decision strengthens the self-concept or releases it.” -Frances Xu
    As Frances so clearly said, releasing the self-concept is not an endeavor we can embark on by ourselves. We need a Guide outside of the closed loop ego thought system to help us. Spirit will gently lead the way.
  2. “You cannot hold the “I know” mind and follow guidance.” I love how Frances said this! This is where the struggle will happen. We have to be willing to question everything and be open to the idea of “I do not know what anything is for.”

Corinne’s additional points to address (I clearly have a lot to say!):

  1. Hearing guidance. If you ever feel like you don’t hear guidance, this takeaway is for you.
    1. Ask Spirit for help in seeing your fear of Love differently. Frances emphasized that asking is always the first step. Unconscious fears surface as we’re ready to look at them with Spirit.
    2. If you have something you need guidance on, write the question on paper. Ask Spirit to answer through your pen. Write and see what comes through.
    3. Engage with the lessons in the Workbook of ACIM. It’s a Course in mind training and WILL help you learn to listen.
    4. Take a mindfulness meditation class. Mindfulness has helped my monkey mind tremendously! It has improved my focus so I can bring my attention to Spirit more easily.
  2. If you noticed fear arise when Frances was sharing her story in which she was guided to leave her job, sell her houses, and leave her marriage, check out the section in ACIM in the Manual for Teachers called, “Are changes required in the life situation of God’s teachers?” Remember that there is NO such thing as sacrifice. This part of the Manual for Teachers says, “Changes are required in the minds of God’s teachers…. By far the majority are given a slowly-evolving training program…”


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