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I was recently a guest on “Align with Laina,” a fun show about ordinary people who have spiritual awakenings. The show is hosted by Laina Orlando, a fellow student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and my new friend!

Our conversation was so uplifting, so deep, and so healing, that I felt moved to share the replay with you for this episode. You are going to love it!

We chat about all things anxiety:

  • My journey of healing from anxiety disorders
  • ACIM and my fear of death
  • Shifting from curious to serious as a spiritual student
  • Laina’s journey with her son’s drug addiction
  • Coronavirus
  • Life cannot be destroyed despite what the body’s eyes show us
  • How challenges can be looked at as adventures.
  • And more


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You can watch our video interview here:



A modern-day mystic, Laina Orlando simplifies spirituality for today’s seeker of Truth through her fresh, fun and intuitive perspective. Laina’s own spiritual awakening propels her to share what is possible when one truly commits to navigating the path of Self-Awareness. As a mother, sister, friend, author, speaker, coach, creator of the Power of Awareness transformational workshops and teacher of A Course In Miracles, her mission is to awaken humanity to the magnificence within.  Laina is very clear that if she can awaken, anybody can. Her mantra is: Life is fun and easy!



Here are my takeaways!

  1. Move from curious to serious. I love how Laina spoke about this! We can stay curious and dabble with spirituality or we can get serious about our spiritual studies, commit ourselves to doing this work, and find our freedom.
  2.  Look at your current situation as an adventure. I love how Laina spoke about the adventure of her son’s drug journey. We can see anything as an adventure, even whatever we are currently facing with the pandemic. This shifts the situation from something that seems horrible into something lighter. We can then have an easier time moving through the challenge.
  3. Anxiety can help you recognize that you are a magnificent diamond. I share this in the beginning of the episode and it’s worth repeating. The pressure of anxiety can feel crushing. Yet, repurposed through Spirit, it has the power to help us awaken to the radiant and sparkling light that we are ALL made of.



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