Welcome to the first episode of From Anxiety to Love Radio!

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In this first episode I share a few key points for you to keep in mind as you tune into the show:

1.All of our episodes relate in some form to UNDOING anxiety.

I’m going to share tips and insights with you about undoing anxiety at it’s SOURCE (which is our belief that we’re separate from each other and from LOVE). The I used to suffer with was SO debilitating so I wanted something permanently helpful… approaches that went deep into my mind to exhume the fear for healing. My permanently helpful approach was through the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles.


2. Key Points About A Course in Miracles.

The Course is a pathway of love that has TRULY helped me in undoing anxiety. This is a spiritual pathway of non-duality. Non-duality means that there are not two levels of reality, but only ONE, which is love. The Course is one pathway of love, of many. It teaches us how to remove the blocks we’ve interposed between love and our awareness of love.

Here are a few Course terms and definitions that I’ll use often on this show:

  • Miracle – An expression of love that includes a shift in perception.
  • Inner Teacher – The part of YOUR VERY OWN MIND that remembers truth & love. This is the part of our mind that we’re learning how to listen to. Call it whatever you’re comfortable with – Intuition, Inner Guide, Higher Mind. ACIM calls this part of your mind “Holy Spirit” and in my book, “From Anxiety to Love” I call this your “Inner Therapist.”
  • Ego – the “small self” (I often call this the “lowercase s self”)– the part of the mind that believes it is separate from love and likes being separate.

Through our practice of Course principles, we’re learning how to listen to our Inner Therapist INSTEAD of the ego. When we give our ego perceptions to our Inner Therapist, we get back a MIRACLE instead. Although the Course is what informs my approach to healing anxiety, I’ll be speaking with guests who are Course students, and NOT Course students. We’re all called to heal, but our paths vary.


3. My Story.

As you’ll learn on this episode, where I’m coming from is NO JOKE. I used to live in an inner hell of debilitating fear about almost everything. I was pretty much born anxious, and stayed anxious until I started learning how to undo anxiety through miracles and Love.


4. Helpful mindsets.

On this episode I reveal the two mindsets that pave the way for miracles and will GREATLY help in exponential self-growth and a rapid return to inner peace. You’ll learn my favorite willingness exercise and will self-assess yourself in these mindsets.


I am beyond honored and thrilled to share this healing journey with you. I stand firm in the celebration of the end of anxiety. A Course in Miracles teaches that we are ONE. There is ONE mind. So literally, the inner work you do benefits me, and the healing I do benefits you. We are one. Thank you and I love you!


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