I withhold nothing. A prayer inspired by "A Course in Miracles" This Thanksgiving, I am committed to pausing and remembering Truth throughout the day.  Although I’m committed to this practice EVERY day, this holiday is another opportunity to put “A Course in Miracles” into ACTION.  Together, we can practice the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what we REALLY are in truth. We are love, we are light, and we are not limited to a pile of clay (aka a body!).

“Praying to Christ in anyone is true prayer because it is a gift of thanks to His Father. To ask that Christ be but Himself is not an entreaty. It is a song of thanksgiving for what you are. Herein lies the power of prayer. It asks nothing and receives everything.” – Song of Prayer

(Note that “A Course in Miracles” refers to “Christ” as our shared Oneness of being.)

Although our ego’s may throw a number of hooks our way during this holiday (think of that relative who easily “pushes” your buttons), remember that as you are willing to see the truth in the other person, you open yourself to becoming willing to KNOW that same Truth within YOURSELF.

The Holy Spirit is in everyone, period. That doesn’t mean at this level of form that they will “do the right thing,” “say the right thing” or act in a way that pleases our egos.  What someone else does or says is not our concern and if we engage in conflict, it doesn’t matter in the end whether we are right or wrong. Either way we have chosen to put your belief in the unreal. Our task is simply to be willing to overlook what the picture looks like to our bodies eyes (whether it is a pretty picture or an icky picture), WITH the Holy Spirit as our guide.

Join with me in this Thanksgiving in withholding NOTHING. Every teensy negative thought, every subtle judgment, let’s be willing to look at it ALL with our Inner Guide.  As we offer our perceptions to our Inner Guide with willingness to see differently, the shift in perception (the miracle) is instantly given. And we’ll become aware of the miracle when we’re ready to accept it.

I’m really grateful that we are one, that we are forever safe, and that our TRUST in the Holy Spirit is growing.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

From Anxiety to Love

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