“What is healing but the removal of all that stands in the way of knowledge?” – A Course in Miracles

Healing happens as we bring our fearful perceptions and beliefs to our Inner Teacher and allow them to be exchanged for the experience of Love that we are. But we don’t often realize the fearful beliefs that are present in the mind. In this video, I share an experience of uncovering a surprising hidden belief. It came about through asking myself, “What would change if I had no ability to experience anxiety ever again?” (a question inspired by Nouk Sanchez). It is essential in our healing journey that we look at our beliefs WITH Spirit to allow them to be undone. This is how healing happens.

Ask yourself, “What would change if I had no ability to experience _(fill in the blank with whatever is confronting you)__ ever again?” Let me know what you uncover by leaving a comment below. 


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