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If you’ve ever struggled with “hearing” guidance, this episode is sure to help. Spiritual teacher John Mark Stroud gives crystal clear advice for tuning into the Spirit’s channel instead of the ego’s channel. You’ll be guided through a powerful meditation on “knowing” guidance through your body and you’ll have a chance to join us in pure JOY at the end of the show!

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About John Mark Stroud:

A single unexpected moment in John Mark’s mid 20’s left him with a vast and dark sense of emptiness. He would spend the next 15 years immersed in feverish worldly activity, trying in vain to fill this emptiness. But finally, in 2007, he was compelled to sell his business and begin the inward search for peace and happiness that had always eluded him. Almost immediately he was swept up in a tidal wave of Grace. He was lead to “A Course in Miracles”, “The Way of Mastery” and “A Course of Love”. These pathways led him to the direct experience of God’s limitless Love and Peace. With great Joy, he now shares that Limitless Love with all as One.

John Mark’s Takeaway:

  • LAUGHTER. Tune into Spirit’s laughter. (You just have to listen to this part of the episode for yourself!) 

Corinne’s Takeaways:

  1. Everyone has a connection to Spirit and you know how to connect with guidance. You just have to do some fine tuning since we allowed the harsh ego voice to set up camp in our mind.
  2. When you ask for guidance, the request is heard on the “first utterance” (I love how John Mark said this!). You don’t need to keep asking. You need to get quiet. Get quiet by softening and taking some deep breaths.
  3. Instead of expecting guidance to come in words, allow it to come through a knowing or a “knowsis” as John Mark calls it. Words are limits.
  4. Check in throughout your day… Are you tuned into the “ME” channel? Or are you tuned into the Holy Spirit’s channel? The choice is yours.


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