I used to be obsessed with a twisted cartoon from the 1990’s called Ren and Stimpy. In one particular episode, “Space Madness,” Stimpy the cat is told NOT to press a compelling big red button because it will erase time and space. Drawn to the button like a magnet, he can’t resist the urge to push it. A Course in Miracles has a BIG compelling reset button in it and I can’t resist it either! Every time I “press” it, no matter what feelings I may be struggling with, I shift back to peace. In this video, I share the beloved “page 90” prayer. If this prayer helps you too, I’d love to hear about your experience. Let me know by leaving a comment below!

If you want to check out the prayer in your edition of A Course in Miracles, here are the references:

  • Foundation for Inner Peace Edition: page 90
  • Sparkle edition: page 116
  • Original edition: Ch. 5, part IX, para. 96

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