In this episode, I interview Captain Tom Bunn, airline pilot turned social worker!

As you may know, I used to have panic attacks AND I couldn’t fly on an airplane without my husband. During a flight I’d either need to be medicated OR I’d be white knuckling a meditation the whole time. That’s changed for me now because of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I’m still shocked at how my fears of flying have fallen away.

Tom’s approach to ending panic in ALL situations (not just flying) is based on legitimate scientific research and my hope is that his approach could help clear out any panic you’re having so you can continue to dive deep into ACIM and be the miracle worker that you are.

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Tom Bunn, LCSW, is the author of Panic Free: The 10-Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety, and Claustrophobia, which is the result of his many years addressing flight panic in his role as an airline pilot. He is also a licensed therapist, regular contributor to Psychology Today, and a former U.S. Air Force captain who flew the Air Force’s first supersonic jet fighter, the F-100. Visit him online at



  1. Oxytocin, AKA  the love hormone, prevents the release of stress hormones. If you know what your panic triggers are, you can link the trigger to an oxytocin-producing memory, which negates the trigger. So If you don’t release stress hormones, you don’t experience panic!
  2. By visualizing a loved one’s face, hearing their voice, or feeling their touch, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which then calms us down. These cues can also be linked to triggers to neutralize the trigger.
  3. Love undoes anxiety. Although Tom is talking about the oxytocin that is released in the body (which is also known as “the love hormone”), oxytocin interferes with anxiety. So if we think about holding a baby, a puppy (or in my case, one of my pet chickens), or perhaps if we start to feel totally connected to Spirit, love undoes fear.




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