No plus no equal no!

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While we’re here on this planet, we have two voices with us for the duration our stay, and so we have two choices to decide between. Will we listen to the ego’s voice? Or will we listen to the voice of our Inner Teacher? The choice is up to us.

This is a moment to moment decision. We don’t just choose our Inner Teacher’s voice once and then forget about it – we have to watch our mind for “scraps of fear” and choose for our Inner Teacher constantly. We can listen to our Inner Teacher in one minute, only to be sucked into the ego’s voice in the next second. I have a perfect example:

The other day while driving, I literally felt like I was overflowing with joy and love. I had been turning everything in my life over to my Inner Teacher, and I truly felt safe and whole. I started driving down a road that cuts through a college campus that is currently experiencing an outbreak of a contagious disease that is only spread through saliva. There were students everywhere walking on the sidewalk and crossing the street. Even though I was in my car and not about to exchange saliva with anyone, I felt the ego’s fearful voice creep in and I found my hand reaching for the window buttons to make sure my windows were rolled up all of the way (even though it was 20 degrees out and I KNEW that the windows were rolled up). In one instant, I chose to listen to the ego, and my awareness of Spirit was gone. Totally gone!

I noticed what was happening and recognized that these fearful thoughts are not my REAL thoughts:

While thoughtless ideas preoccupy your mind, the truth is blocked. Recognizing that your mind has been merely blank, rather than believing that it is filled with real ideas, is the first step to opening the way to vision. – A Course in Miracles Lesson 8

My mind isn’t really thinking when it is listening to the ego. I felt a strong “NO” rise up in my mind to the ego, and quickly brought those thoughts to my Inner Teacher asking for the miracle instead.  My sense of peace was restored.

And a song came to my mind. This is a FUN song for kids by the band “They Might Be Giants,” which helps me when I am firmly saying “NO!” to the ego. I’ve been known to dance around my living room to it. I hope you enjoy it too:


No-They Might Be Giants from Emmalee Smith on Vimeo.

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