Mindfulness meditation has been truly helpful for me in being a student of A Course in Miracles. It has helped me become more aware of my mind’s “miscreations” (FIP T-2.VI.4), return to the present, and it has helped me become a better listener to my Inner Teacher.

Over the years, I have spoken about mindfulness meditation and trained thousands of people at conferences and workshops at the local, state and national levels. Most recently, I had the honor of leading a session at the New Jersey Counseling Association’s annual statewide conference. I’m happy to be able to share a segment of my talk with you!

In this session, I talk about how mindfulness has helped me, I answer some wonderful questions from the audience about the practice, and guide you through a “mountain meditation.” Happy meditating!



To find out about my next “Mindfulness for Miracle Workers” course, click HERE! Let me know what you thought of this session by leaving a comment below.


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