I’m thrilled to welcome Reverend Celeste Frazier to today’s podcast episode. Reverend Celeste is an author, speaker and counselor, and she will be introducing us to the Black Madonna, our Divine Mother.

Last summer when I was going through a tough time, I had an experience of the Black Madonna while sitting in my backyard (that story is to come in Episode 34). I immediately became hungry to learn more about the Black Madonna, and it was divine timing that Rev. Celeste was offering a class all about Her! I knew back then it was only a matter of time before I’d invite Rev. Celeste to be on the show, and here we are! Rev. Celeste will help help us learn about the Black Madonna, who is the energy behind every page of A Course in Miracles.


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Celeste A. Frazier is a spiritual leader, an inspirational speaker, and the stimulating podcaster of Mystic Magic, which can be found on most podcast venues. She is a warm counselor who sees the beauty in you. She is a visioning facilitator and a passionate teacher and healer who seeks to reveal your Divine Light. Celeste directs outreach ministries, is a performer, author and produced screenwriter. Celeste was the event coordinator and a keynote speaker for “Celebrating Our Soul”: A New Thought Conference by People of African Descent. She facilitates an online diversity, equity and inclusion conversation and book study. Her books are available on Amazon and Kindle. Her new book, “Common Miracles, Frequent Illusions” came out in August. Her website is https://celestefrazier.com/



Here are four of my takeaways. These are all things Rev. Celeste shared in this episode:

  1. The Black Madonna has many faces and cannot be contained to one identity. She is the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Queen of Sheba, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mother Earth and more.
  2. The Black Madonna is in our DNA – for she is not a separate entity but a force that exists in all of us. This feminine, creative force ultimately cannot be suppressed, although that suppression has been att empted for centuries.
  3. When it comes to ACIM, the Black Madonna is the energy behind every page of the Course . It is not possible to eliminate her. For Rev. Celeste, the Black Madonna comes through as the Holy Spirit’s energy, which is the level of understanding that brings insights, cuts through the nonsense, the unforgiveness and lifts you straight to higher awareness.
  4. Jesus and Mary were not in white bodies. When I asked Rev. Celeste a question about this historical fact, she said, “When you come from a certain region, you look a certain way.” She spoke about not only has there been manipulation through the physical (e.g. whitewashing of Jesus and Mary) but through language too. So she’s been studying ancient texts, Hebrew and Latin, going back to the source, to get to the vibration of teachings rather than through someone else who may be consciously or unconsciously imposing their agenda. Personally, to me this highlights the importance of being able to see the filters through which we see, so we can understand how we are influenced by a Western white perspective.


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