There is no better feeling than releasing fear. Each time I allow fear in my own mind to be replaced by Love, I am one step closer to knowing my Self. My sense of inner peace strengthens. A sense of safety and security wells up in me, which tells me there is nothing to be afraid of. I also sense that I’m not alone, that I have a Loving Guide within me who only wants to help me release more of those blocks that I’ve built to the awareness of Love’s presence. Each time I allow fear to be replaced with Love, my trust builds.

When I feel so enlivened by Love, I often wonder, “Why would I ever defend against this? It feels so good!”

I’ve completed the lessons of “A Course in Miracles” many times over, and now the lessons simply show up in my day. I’ve been having wonderful periods of quiet lately, and last night, a vibrant message came forth in my mind. This message was so alive and so palpable to me, that the feeling behind the words lingered for hours:

Let Love be Itself. This is all I have to do. I simply need do nothing to interfere. I don’t need to plan. I don’t need to worry. I don’t need to strive or try to make anything happen. If there are things to do, I will be told. Love will ALWAYS be Itself, forever unchanged.

All I need to do is to step back, as I learn how not to interfere. Personal plans are nothing but foundationless daydreams. By letting Love be Itself, all will flow exactly how it is meant to flow. My life is no longer personal, and so there is truly no cause for fear.

Am I willing to let Love be Itself? Yes.

This message spoke to me in a beautiful synthesis of a number of teachings from A Course in Miracles:

I will step back and let Him lead the way. (Lesson 155)
A healed mind does not plan. (excerpt from Lesson 135)
…today I leave creation free to be itself. (exerpt from Lesson 243)
I need do nothing except not to interfere. (expert from T-16, Part 1)

My level of willingness to turn to Spirit is the only thing I need be concerned with. Yet, I have to be AWARE of when I’m willing and when I’m not willing (and if I’m not willing, I’ll ask myself, Am I willing to be willing? Usually that’s a yes). I need to be AWARE when I’ve lapsed into taking control of the universe again. I need to be AWARE when the tiniest fearful thought enters my mind again. And the fear can be SO subtle!

A Course in Miracles is like a course in EXTREME mindfulness! Those tiny, socially unacceptable thoughts that fly through our mind must be taken to Spirit rather than brushed aside. It is not that we’ll stop having judgmental thoughts, but it is that we have none that we would keep (T-15.IV.9).

If you’re interested in learning attention strengthening exercises to increase your level of awareness, check out my upcoming FREE webinar on mindfulness meditation for ACIM students. I’m really excited to share some tools that have helped increase my ability to create a quiet space in my mind for Love to enter: http://www.ACIMindfulness.com

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