Today I was working with the lesson, “God is the mind with which I think” (Lesson 45).  When I began the practice period, I started repeating the idea for the day to myself, only I said, “God is the mind IN which I think.”  Although it is true and we are all part of the mind of God, there was something about “God is the mind IN which I think” that felt as though my ego would respond by saying “Oh sure – God can be the mind IN which I’m thinking and I’ll keep thinking whatever I want.”  I certainly am free to think whatever I want to, only I’m learning that it doesn’t make me happy.

God is the mind WITH which I think.

That tiny little word, “with,” makes all the difference in meaning.  If God is the mind WITH which I think, then I need to be intentional and aware of where my mind is spending its time.  If God is the mind WITH which I think, that means I must make the choice to let God’s thoughts, my REAL thoughts, come forth in my mind.  If I want to think WITH the mind of God, I have to ask the Holy Spirit to choose for God FOR me, and to show me what my real thoughts are, because I do not know.

My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them.

If we haven’t really left God, then the thoughts I share with Him are still in my mind.  This last quote helps me stay open and willing to being shown what my real thoughts are, rather than thinking that I know what they are.

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