Choose for love for me - A Course in Miracles “Choosing love” is a popular thought lately. We want to “choose to see with love” instead of fear, instead of pain, and instead of conflict. Sounds lovely!

But what does this actually mean?

Several years ago, I was walking a 5-mile trail during a rather crowded day, and I decided that I wanted to “choose love” and “bless” everyone who walked by. With every person who passed me, I smiled and silently said, “bless you” to them. After about 1 mile or so, I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED!!

I was speaking with a friend the other day and she was describing a conflict-filled situation at work, and how she was trying to choose to see with love. “I’m trying to see the positive, and to see the light and love in this co-worker… but I’m at my wits end!!” she exclaimed. “Things aren’t changing at work and I feel like I’m sinking and unable to see with love!!”

When we try to “choose to see with love” BY OURSELVES, we will eventually get burned out. There might be some temporary positive effects, but they will be just that – temporary. The ego might back off for a while, but it will still be alive and well. It is free to rear it’s ugly head again.

If we’re trying to “choose love” by ourselves, we can easily slip into doing the Holy Spirit’s job for Him/Her (which “A Course in Miracles” is asking us NOT to do)!

Instead, we’re asked to take what we see, our beliefs, our judgments, our perceived needs, wants, and desires TO the Holy Spirit (aka our “Inner Guide” or “Inner Teacher”). In taking our perceptions to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit CHOOSES LOVE FOR US. We actually don’t have a clue how to do this!! If we think we know how to choose for Love, we can end up misguided, following the teacher who makes us unhappy (the ego!!).

One of my FAVORITE “A Course in Miracles” prayers is on page 90 of the FIP edition, and page 99 of the Original edition:

I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace.
I made the decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise.
I want to decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will UNDO all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let Him.
I choose to let Him, by allowing Him to decide for God FOR ME. (emphasis added; FIP edition T-5.VII.6)

We allow the Holy Spirit to “choose for Love” for us (or “decide for God for us”) by bringing EVERY belief and perception that we hold to the Holy Spirit as we are ready and willing. I’ve been using the phrase, “Holy Spirit, I’m willing to look at this WITH you” because it requires even less effort than “handing it over” to the Holy Spirit – and it works just as well!

Several months after my exhausting bless-everybody-5-mile-walk, I was walking again, and this time had a very different experience. Everyone that I passed, I felt love for. I felt a connection with each person I passed, and a connection with everything around me. The love came THROUGH me and was completely effortless. This experience showed me I was beginning to learn to get out of the way, because I was finally choosing to turn to the Holy Spirit, rather than choose for love by myself.

To make the choice to “choose love” we’re simply choosing to give our perceptions to the Holy Spirit. That is all. The love perception is then GIVEN to us. It is always an exchange. We gain the EXPERIENCE of seeing with love – and this is an experience we did not make or force to happen by ourselves.

I’d love to hear your miracles, thoughts, and experiences! Share with me in the comments below…

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