I don't have to fix my negative thoughts | A Course in Miracles One of our biggest temptations is to take on the job of our Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit. We think that if we clean up our egos, we’ll be better off and will then be able to find the way to peace.

Cleaning up our ego with our ego, clearly makes for a happy ego because it leaves no room for the Holy Spirit to be involved.  The ego stays doubly happy when we then realize that we’ve failed to “get rid of” negative thoughts.  The negative thoughts and judgments keep coming, and so we further judge ourselves for “not doing it right.” Again, this delights the ego because “the ego grows strong in strife” – even strife that is directed within when we mentally beat ourselves up.

As Course students, we’re asked to refrain from taking on the Holy Spirit’s job, and instead allow the Holy Spirit to do Its job, which is to UNDO the mistaken thoughts and perceptions that we hold in our mind. We’re not asked to clean up our own minds (what a relief!). We’re simply asked to take every thought, every belief, and every perception to the Holy Spirit in exchange for a miracle (a shift in perception).

This does NOT mean that you are going to stop having negative or judgmental thoughts. It simply means that you have no thoughts which you would keep from your Inner Teacher.

“The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep.” – A Course in Miracles FIP T-15.IV.9.

So next time you notice that judgmental thought, don’t try to fix it, deny it, or change it by yourself. Simply acknowledge that it is there, and be willing to give it to the Holy Spirit, asking for a miracle to replace it instead.

Complexity is only of the ego. Truth asks us to do so little.


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